A Blog post  NOT MINE?

A Blog post NOT MINE?

So its an Oscar in that picture, not mine of course but for one of our community..

I  must admit i never thought i would be writing blog posts, i mean who reads this stuff really? Anyway today one of our own ( Subnet Conflict ) from our discord channel sent me a guest blog... i mean none of us ever thought of that idea.

So the rest of this text is his words note mine, and having shown the other founders we are grateful of his efforts, truly.


Greetings Meshers!

Just like xraymark, I have also been keeping an eye on the discord channels… Well, more so the Mpowered247 (Brilliant Website by the way) and Andy Kirby’s discord.

There’s been a fair bit of talk about the ups and downs of the Meshtastic platform, reliability messaging, continuity between the iOS and Android Apps and what improvements can be made!

Hopefully those who have sent private messages to xraymark and the other mods on the mpowered247 discord should have their questions answered by the official Meshtastic Dev team soon, so we as the userbase have something to get excited about.

I personally believe the Meshtastic project is brilliant, not only the actual platform itself, but the communities surrounding it and the amazing amount of information shared and things I have learnt, not only about Meshtastic itself, but about radio and electronics in general (It baffles me how smart some of the discord members are).

Mark and the team have brought a fantastic enthusiastic group of people together which I am proud to be a part of, and I can not wait to see what the next few months bring with the mpowered247 deal with RAK, amazing case designs and prints from the amazing designers and developments in general to the Meshtastic platform.

Oh! Speaking of 3D prints I almost forgot to mention! Alley Cat along with 3D chicken have brought us a brand-new case for the Heltec V3! Super exciting! If I can justify another Heltec (Currently running 3 at the moment) I will be absolutely buying one. Laying down with the blue and black aesthetic reminds me of a certain wireless G router from years back which is super cool! – You can check it out here: mpowered247 Optimus Heltec V3 Meshtastic Case – 3DChicken You’ll see what I mean when you click the link!

The beautiful weather we are having at the moment is also proving incredibly good for the charging of the DIY Solar nodes people have created, helping keep the mesh strong! Keep up the innovation guys! It’s awesome!

Alright, that is enough babbling from me

Subnet Conflict



Thanks for reading, if you want your own blog post putting up here send me a message in our discord! great idea Subnet, this one is all your work.


aka xraymark



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