A Meeting with the CEO of Rak Wireless

A Meeting with the CEO of Rak Wireless

So today was interesting!

Lunch and a meeting with the Rak Team and a meeting with Chris from the all new Nibbler case company - he did the Bender right?

So the things i can say from the Rak Meeting are that mpowered247.com is now the official channel partner for the UK and Europe for Rak Wireless hardware, that means better pricing for you and YES we will be supplying all the sensors and enclosures that you've been asking for. We learnt a lot about the companies ethos and how they see the future for meshtastic, LoRa and the whole IOT thing. Watch this space - we are super excited to be working with these guys on a bigger scale.

Oh and they paid for lunch :)

Zerofox3D - Well Chris the founder took us for a look around the whole operation! and hes building the all new "Nibbler" on mass! Its a super interesting case and yes i had to buy one for myself.. watch our first review on our YouTube Channel here:

Zerofox3d Nibbler Meshtastic Case! - Leaked - YouTube


We have an official partnership with him so you can buy both his cases from our store at no extra cost!  And YES we will be offering fully built nodes on the store, Node,Case and hopefully the antenna - we are staying away from batteries!

Hopefully i will get 3Dchicken, case reviews done this week and also our map sponsors too - layerfab.

Dont forget to follow the YouTube page and join us on our discord specially for Meshtastic!



That's all for tonight, Happy Meshing guys.

Sleep well.








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