Announcement! We are officially Benders

Announcement! We are officially Benders

Exciting times!

So at last we can officially announce our exclusive partnership with Zerofox3D the creators of the famous "Bender" Heltec case.

Clicking our link on the main page takes you directly to the Bender page owned by Chris, priority orders for customers! So buy the Heltec from us and then head over to see Chris "The Bender guy" and grab yourself the best case in the business.

And before you ask yes its an affiliate link, Like ourselves Chris wants to grow the mesh and do you really care if the price is exactly the same? 

You do want those priority orders though don't you...

Especially when hes about to release the ( REDACTED ) for the Heltec Lora V3's


Onto other stuff.


So since we launched i have had 29 requests for T shirts and Mugs and the like! So sourcing decent stuff thats actual cotton and not made of old men's socks from god knows where has now been sorted! First person to buy something will get a nice freebie from me as i need to test the store - and i want feedback good or bad! - and no its not Haribo..

Heltecs are on test as promised! i will meet the deadline for dispatch, they are selling well so dont miss out.. And if you want to complain that its a tenner more that buying from China i wish you all the best - We test, we quality check and you can trust us not to get scammed - Too soon on that one Ali ?

Live Streams on Friday night again (8:30 pm) only on our Discord. Im bringing out the big guns with a RAK node, a pole and stand LMR400 coax proper lighting and all that jazz - even a long usb C cable.

Remember this live stream is just for fun, if your expecting any thing educational then nip over to watch the chase.

Speaking of educational, On a serious note filming starts next week with our trainee teacher Sophia - Yes we have YouTube and the first videos are going to be the full on dummies guide to meshtastic.  I have so many meetings with officials now its time to show what you the community have built, you should be proud, very proud.


Thanks to everyone who is supporting this, All i wanted to do was grow a sustainable mesh network  for my home town of Blackpool in the event of a disaster... ( and for fun ) And you lot have built a monster.

Here's the Discord link:


Special thanks to our Tech Team for there extensive help with our new users, and to Scott for sorting out my car crash of a discord channel.!

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