Ask the Meshtastic Development Team- YouTube

Ask the Meshtastic Development Team- YouTube

So lets get into this..

While im sat here patiently waiting for our RAKwireless tracking number to land in my inbox the Meshtastic monster never sleeps--- pre orders coming to the website soon....


As i often do im scrolling back on our community discord, and the official meshtastic one along side Andys to find out if i have missed anything of importance - slightly obsessed ( and i haven't mentioned my YouTube meshtastic addiction )

Strikes me that you, the community have questions for the meshtastic dev team that you would like answered to keep this whole project moving along in a positive  manner.

So its time to slide into the DM's of the Meshtastic president. - he hasn't blocked me yet..

So what we have come up with is this, a Q and A session that we will record and then share on both the official meshtastic YouTube and of course our own mpowered247 one.

So here's the thing for you, the reader of my blogs who painfully reads my ramblings. Using our discord private message me any questions you have that you would like me to ask the team, from open source to flooding protocol and so on. Alongside the founders and the moderation team we will select the top 10 that seem relevant and ask them directly to the devs on a YouTube video you can watch at your leisure. 

So if you have a question DM me or one of the Mod team please, lets make this worth while, you might just learn something here. Meshtastic is a great community project that only works when you the community get involved.

So share this post, Facebook, Instagram whatever. Get the users in our discord and lets help one and other build on this. I wonder how many of you will share this? - tag is in too!

In true Andy Kirby YouTube style we will select someone to get a free Heltec V3 node and a Zerofox3d Bender case when we see it on social media somewhere- bonus if its a funny post.

Yes i said FREE.

Lets get more meshtastic users in our discord and help them in a positive way.


Oh you should probably subscribe to our YouTube channel as well if your going to watch "The great Meshtastic Q and A"




aka xraymark.





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