Available now - Optimus Heltec V3 Case

Available now - Optimus Heltec V3 Case

Its become a reality! See our main page for your exclusive link to the new case for the V3. Designed by Alley Cat in the US exclusively for mpowered247 and printed in the UK by 3Dchicken..  I have one and yes there great, really.

And you can fit a huge lipo in there or two 18650's as we all know how hungry a Heltec V3 can be... and it sits up or lays down. If anyone mentions a Linksys router im going to cry... again.

expect a full review on the mpowered  YouTube page soon.

The only link to buy this case is on our home page.


Other news..

Well im just back from Scotland and the mesh was.. well silent. I had to strap the capsule sensor node to the DJI drone to get anything, and yes that does include the super node i installed up there.

33 miles isnt bad out of a capsule sensor node mind!

RAKwireless wise the order has been processed and now paid for, sadly we had to become VAT registered but any day now i should hope to have a tracking number i can post on here and then start taking pre orders - yes  its about time.


We also have a bunch of Zerofox 3D bender cases that can come with a Heltec v3 node on the 2nd page of the products list, incase you missed it. You wont find these cases cheaper anywhere when bought with a v3 node.


Fingers crossed that tracking number comes this week!


Oh and Scott might be sitting on the new firmware for the T Deck and its a huge step, like, i mean i might even buy one, again.

Scott told me no to mention that though as hes not selling his T deck ( again )

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Social media is a PITA..



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