Friday night antics.... 8:30pm Meshathon

Friday night antics.... 8:30pm Meshathon

Well not sure if you watched our very professional live stream a couple of weeks ago where we talked all things meshtastic? i mean we had a laugh and a couple of beers. We had a good few messages asking when we are going to do it again  (whats wrong with you people? ) 

Well this Friday night around 8:30pm we are off up beacon fell ( 260 meters ASL ) to do some meshing and were going to live stream it... We wanted to get some quality mesh time and to stream it for fun to see who can see us at that altitude.. This sounds like a great plan and im sure will be a disaster and you'll get the chance to laugh at our sheer incompetence. Here's the link to our discord:

Running the online store and doing other adult life stuff means its tough to get some "man" time... i just thought about Lizzi from our tech team who's going to hate that terminology... im in trouble again.

Speaking of the tech team Vektors got the super node in for open heart surgery as i may or may not have killed it, glad i have a backup node for home now... i was going to say and a hundred spare Rak Wireless kits but you lot have bought them all now bar 2!! 

For those who have bought all these kits final day of testing is Friday and im taking the day off to make sure it all gets done.

updates on the rest of the stock, well the big heltec order is still on the way.. still. But my tracking number is imminent and im now told by our account manager its coming on a plane... i mean how long can that take really? Lilly go orders in and awaiting dispatch and more raks got ordered a coujple of days ago... 

Parardar and Mcgill antenna deal is pretty much done now just sorting contracts, i want both these suppliers to supply cheaper than you can buy anywhere online.. that's my plan anyhow.

See you Friday night on our discord live stream, or if not keep and eye out for our node ( name TBA ) and see if you can spot us.

We will of course drop a Blue pin on our community map when we go live so you'll  know we have landed and ready..


PS -I may or may not have had eyes on Chris "benders" up coming project that were going to collaborate on.. you guys are gonna pop when you see it


( hopefully Chris doesn't read this as im sworn to secrecy )


exit stage left.



AKA xraymark








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