Getting it right... with Meshtastic.

Getting it right... with Meshtastic.

So after the Canvis meshtastic map was defaced myself and the dev team thought the community needed a new map, and fast. Within a matter of days we put together as a fully functioning map for the community, all for FREE.

What we didn't realise was the trademarks and registration we were supposed to have before its launch. That's all on me and i accept full responsibility.

Now we have had this pointed out its time to go legit and work with the meshtastic team directly so can do this the right way.  We have done our due diligence  now and realise that mistakes were made and now we have to work together to get us approved officially. Its going to be a journey but we are prepared for it for the good of the meshtastic community, finger crossed these seem like good guys.




AKA xraymark

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