How we doing? - too slow right..

How we doing? - too slow right..

So when we set out to do all this it was simple, grow the Blackpool meshtastic network and having it working in the best we we could.

Since then its been an adventure to say the least, mistakes were made by us but hopefully we are learning from it and getting better at the whole online meshtastic supply thing, we are trying honestly.

I know the community has done a huge thing for us here and without you lot we wouldn't be here, but i need to ask a favour.

Customer service is king with us and we need to know where we are going right and where we should be doing better. Its that time to ask you for feedback on your purchases. Were you happy? great, with your permission i would like to build a testimonial page showing our successes. Trust and being a brand ambassador is where we want to be.

If you have any comment please email us: meshtasticuk AT

If on the other hand we were rubbish then again, please let us know. We want to keep you as a customer and see if there is some way we can make you happy once more, be brutal, its the best way.


Other NEWS!

The RAKwirless delivery is being picked ready for shipping! Im away Thursday to Saturday but as soon as that tracking number appears itll be on the blog! Yes we will be doing pre orders, when the tracking number is in our hands.


Thanks again for reading this, an email with a testimonial would mean a lot.



aka xraymark


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