Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery That Mediocrity Can Pay To Greatness

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery That Mediocrity Can Pay To Greatness

That's the original line that most of you have heard in some way shape or form.

So what's all this about you say?

Well over the weekend i have seen a few posts showing a website allegedly supplying RAKwirless hardware. Lets be clear on this mpowered247 is the only one in the UK with an exclusive contract to supply meshtastic kit from RAKwireless.

Dont get me wrong here, anyone can throw up a website ( careful on the name you use incase it has intellectual property rights issues ) and then start buying kit, importing it and selling it.

Wonder if they will be around next year?

There are reasons you buy from the official UK partner:

Help in choosing the right hardware you actually need

Discuss the right options that will work with your hardware

Official support from the manufacturer

A returns policy that we actually enforce 

A community that is there to help you set it all up

exclusive offers only the official partner can supply

Purchase at the price that's endorsed by the manufacturer themselves.

Options to pay that give you a level of protection

Use someone who's supplying and supporting a map free of charge

Best you do your research before hand and check you are dealing with a trading entity on the HMRC website rather than someone's mums basement.

Oh and maybe someone who's actually financially giving money back to meshtastic to help fund this project your about to spend your hard earned money on!

There is a reason we have over 500 satisfied customers in the UK.


Did i mention we are cheaper as well? 



Hopefully the tracking number will land this week and we can start pre-orders.

See, we are not taking a penny untill we can show you that tracking number, its the was a responsible business works.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we honestly believe in supporting a community via an ethical business, if this was a get rich quick scheme for us i would be selling T shirts saying "HAWK TUAH" on them instead.



 So i have updated this bit from the original as we feel the best avenue to go down on this from a business and moral stand point is to give the rakwireless domain name back to RAK. For us it was only a very simple way of holding onto the domain until its rightful owners came along anyway. 


We have our own mpowered247 brand to build along the way too!


Happy meshing.


aka xraymark

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