IS THIS THE BEGINING OF MESHTASTIC!! <-- Andy Kirby type title here.

IS THIS THE BEGINING OF MESHTASTIC!! <-- Andy Kirby type title here.

So the latest update on the map is this, its big now like over 900 users in about ten days, we never expected this much traffic. But what a great community this is to make those numbers..

The map wish list is huge and Niels made a bit of a map break through that's going to be a game changer - if the community wants it. Hard to tell at the moment but as Niels getting on with it we will develop anyway, will we use it? well you guys will decide that.

Store wise as promised we have added to our orders as clearly the amount we had on the way wasn't enough. Its a good problem to have.

Test procedure is being written for equipment that's bought from us as we speak ( thanks Scotty ) We will test everything. Quality is king here as i myself have waited weeks  for stuff to find out ive either A/ Been scammed or B/ it didn't work when it landed with me.

Onto Greg, now Greg kindly did the graphics for the nodes booth up on the last blog post... and how nice are they? - yes i know you'll flash it anyway when it lands with you but at least you'll know its been tested and had the software put on it. Greg's done the firmware and it works a treat- top man :)

At some point the gang and i want to go out and play mesh ourselves...we do actually enjoy this hobby you know. So Friday night myself and ben are  going out on a mission. We are going to stop by REDACTED  and grab the all new REDACTED. The intention then is to  grab the yagi and some omni's and some random nodes and head up Beacon Fell... this hill is about 270? meters above sea level.... So yes we will be doing shout outs so if you see one of my nodes all starting with XM ( or  xraymark ) say hi! Not sure on what time yet as we have to grab the  TOP SECRET for this test. I Think your gonna see us anyway :)

Oh and yes look for our BLUE PIN on the map indicating we have landed on the map so you know when we we are live..

Check to see us 

Oh also we are going to  film it... this will be like a cross between the Blair witch project and wild life on one... Not sure where that videos going yet though... ANDY?

Oh and this MEGA nodes going to be a bit special in another way too... and you'll be blown away by this...

Are my blog posts starting to sound like Andy's videos yet?



Happy weekend mesh gang..


AKA xraymark.





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