Its a dogs life.. rough or smooth.

Its a dogs life.. rough or smooth.

So the Rak Wireless Meshtastic starter kits are here and under test, hopefully shipping them out this week, dont ask for them sooner as i did say they are all going on test before leaving... that means you  ( and no matter how much beer is offered )

Now most of the order has gone already so we have an order already in with Rak Wireless for more. And if you want RAK bits DM me on discord and i will see if its worth putting an other order in - Even as the UK official dealer shipping is painful.

Im really hoping the Heltecs will arrive this week, although my account manager did question my postcode confusing it with my town!? Sorry but im really not into pre orders till i know these things are a least at UK customs. We are trying to keep everyone happy but hopefully this proves that the money is  not as important as reputation..

Labels are done for the existing orders and envelopes have arrived so this first batch cannot be far way... as long as nothing fails our internal tests that is.

You guys wiped out our BIG rak wireless order in under ten days.

Neils on with operation Globe map ( REDACTED ) and in the mean time is looking for larger offices as hes out grown his own - not a bad problem to have is it?

Come rain or shine we are hoping to convince Ben and Neil to livestream ( on our Discord ) with us this Friday at 8pm again - maybe from an undesirable location this time.. Hopefully the Tech team will be around to answer any Meshtastic questions you have too, as for me i will hanging around like a bad smell with these guys in full support of my stupidity.

For those who asked yes it is true we are talking to some local authorities and their services about meshtastic and their part in it - before you shout conspiracy this is about growing the mesh so don't panic and start burning flags etc. - I will update this more when i can.


More updates as they land, while trying to have fun myself with meshtastic, grow my own local mesh have a full time job and run a family during difficult times i assure you this store and map will fulfill its promises.

Oh and yes, feel free to add yourself on our discord.


AKA xraymark




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