Map Updates? You asked we listened .. its a first.

Map Updates? You asked we listened .. its a first.

So this is the BIG one.  But what is this is new yellow pin?

Well your gonna have to keep checking the map page for more info and to cast your vote.

Map link here:


( please vote, Neil might have a breakdown if you don't as hes been fiddling with this for a week )

Map updates that happened already to night include:

Wednesday, February 28th 2024

    As you can see the layout has changed for the site. It is still a work in progress so bear with us.
    We will be changing the node edit/create page soon to be a little more compact and neat.
  • MAP
    So the map is full screen, or at least as big as your device should be able to show.
    We have stopped the mouse from zooming in and out on the map and you need to use the + and - in the top corner of the map. We may put it back or make it a user choice.
  • BLOG
    Link to the blog page that Mark writes.

THE BIG BIG update is tomorrow night.... well the vote is



aka xraymark


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