MESH IS LIFE! < it sounded good in my head honest.

MESH IS LIFE! < it sounded good in my head honest.

Well its been a busy week to say the least, demanding is an understatement.

Firstly thanks to our discord community, as some of you may now i had a bereavement this week and that's been tough, ive still not processed it yet. That will come.

Anyway, thanks for the messages of support and understanding.

All the Rak Wireless kits have now gone out and we have had some really good feedback.. nice to see the shop doing was it was supposed to do and grow the mesh. Testing these things one by one was a time consuming nightmare - BUT, they all worked as they should with their new owners!!

More raks landing with us early April then its testing and dispatch. On the Rak front the import duty and shipping has killed it. Rak want us to drop 10K on this for better prices to make it worth while and well the bank of wife says no. In essence these rak's made a few quid but not enough to cover our time or make the money to cover the store costs and other fees. In short when the next 25 turn up they will be the last ones at that price - and im offering them to our discord users first for being a great community. After that you'll be looking around the fifty pounds mark - ouch.

Now people looking on the store will see the Heltecs V3 with case have turned up. There on test now here in the UK - read the headline, dispatch starts WC 16th of april. The price point on them is higher than the Raks, yes im fully aware. And yes you might find them cheaper, your choice on that one we have to get the bank account out of the red. And proper testing and dispatch takes time and money. The only thing i can tell you here is that what you buy will invest in your mesh, what you buy from us will be invested directly into growing the mesh. And i will prove that come the end of the year.

Hopefully getting together next week to go through some map updates, the tech guys are chomping at the bit for some updates to be done and there pretty exciting to be honest. Niels move is coming closer so that's gotta take priority oh and his day job too. Remember this is community built through and through and we are all doing this as a hobby..

Narsa - the radio rally at Blackpool norbreck castle is in April.. we will be there educating HAM's on meshtastic... that's going to be interesting. I might even live stream it..Anyone got a stab vest?

Live streaming something next Friday no idea what and from where. But i do have most of the parts needed to build a better meshtastic device now like a pole.. and power.. small things yes.
Discord channel only as per usual at 8:30pm.


So Paul came up with an idea for a distance competition.. the details are still being ironed out with paul and scott ( our discord guru ) but it sounds like fun.. Three prizes from Paradar and ourselves so itll be worth it! SPONSORE£D BY PARADAR < see i did you it like i said i would.

And oh look a logo tweak. 


That's all for now, happy meshing and check you bleeding settings for gods sake :)


AKA xraymark


PPS thanks to the guys who helped sort the solar mobile node today even a pleb like me can make this work with some guidance..  well alot of guidance.

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