MESHTASTIC BLOWS UP CAR?! AKA The mesh witch project

MESHTASTIC BLOWS UP CAR?! AKA The mesh witch project

Lets ignore that title as its another Andy Kirby sensationalist title - Couldn't resist again sorry.

So back in the day i might have been found out in the  Mk 3 escort up Beacon Fell ( 260ish meter hill ) on the CB or  555 cranking the power up and generally misbehaving...

These days we are older and wiser... and the cars are less rubbish and will get you home.. most of the time.

So myself and Ben (h0gboy) decided to take the super node freshly collected from the mad scientist up the fell. All was well and we even bought snacks on the way, many snacks. Now if you can zoom in and you'll see the node and its tiny RAK Blade antenna on the dash in a very fetching cardboard box.

After 45 mins or so and collecting contracts from 30 or so miles away the Bens car through up an error USMC error, seek service. Now i did ask if thats normal and hes said its due a service anyway and that its fine. We continued to play with our nodes - yes nodes.

Couple of minuets later the cars computer came up with reverse camera inactive and it carried on.. and like the technical people we are we ignored it. Top tip, if you are getting error codes from something then you really should check  it.  Enjoying the heated seats and all the luxuries of a modem car we carried on.. then he tried to start the engine...  and yes nothing.. oh and to add to this all the lights when out and a window opened a little.

Now the thing about me you need to know is when in a crisis i tend to laugh.. a lot. As an adult this generally doesn't help people around you or give them comfort. Looking at the box on the dash im nstarting to think... has the node killed the car? best say nothing and blame it on his poorly engineered $hit box.

After  pressing lots i buttons and all kinds resets and so on i helped out by eating my forth chocolate hob nob.. saying this would be great with a brew didn't help either. 

Now i this point im pretty sure Bens winding me up and hes some how found a way to get the car to do this by watching YouTube. At this point he goes and has a wee in plain site and sets of to speak to the boy racers close by.... some absolute $hit boxes there too. From the darkness i hear him asking for jump leads... ok this isnt a joke.

im still laughing though?

He thinks the battery is dead but im thinking rouge Lora signals have killed it.

After finding no jump leads we discuss the RAC as we have corporate membership.. small thing though. We don't know any of the account details and we will have frozen to death by the time they arrive. So to be clear im not anti boy racer, as i was once one myself.. infact i guess i still am. Difference is its no two litre pinto motor its powered by Duracell.- before i get hammered here i would like it known i also own a 1990 Mazda MX5, my own personal $hitbox.

Anyways, long story short, Bens boy racer son was got out of bed and summoned to the hill. See you knew there was a reason for having kids! got the motor running and we are heading home.

I was still laughing...alone.

Just like the old days, but we were the kids then.

In short.

The super node works, 30-40 miles on a mobile RAK Blade.. the rest of the testing with the Yagi and stuff will have to wait.

I do have a video of the events... if its requested ill through it up on you tube

PS, more stock ordered for the store, where the hell is that boat?


AKA xraymark





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