I do love a good click bait title, learnt it all from Andy to be fair.

On a serious note that's a very small portion of my body that was bitten by midges on Friday nights live stream... the bits are everywhere... yes even there.

We enjoyed Friday nights live stream / range test a lot. If you want to see my very bad drone flying that had the Heltec Capsule node strapped to it have a look here:

meshtastic mpowered247 com DJI Done antics?! (

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The capsule sensor did really well for its size of antenna and the battery made it the full flight - infact its about an hour or two i reckon. Im still impressed with it, it does have a use case scenario but yes it can be improved on for sure. Im hoping someone does a mod on it! - and yes there are still some on the store, infact the ones sold are finishing the test phase tomorrow.

Watch the YouTube video to see the capsules reach as the map is in the video - <insert click bait title here>

So as you may know the registration came through from companies house so mpowered247 is a really company now, that means i had to re sign the contract with RAKwireless today to formalise things - please let the RAK order come soon god of LoRa.

Saturday brought myself, Neil and Scott 3D ( Official partner of mpowered247 ) together for the Rochdale radio rally as we had a stand. It was busy with radio ham people and a lot of time was spent educating ham radio guys on meshtastic and its pros and cons. We felt it was a great feeling again that the ham radio community would embrace meshtastic as its an entry into the radio world for sure.  

I also bumped into the repeater keeper for GB3FC and also GB3PN? here in Blackpool. Now i know Dave from many years ago when he bought a radio from me - 20 years later hes bought 3 meshtastic devices from us and now we are planning on putting a couple of nodes up at the two repeater sites! This is great news as these are top locations and will help build the local mesh.

Oh and lastly Ian and a few of the community are running medium fast as a channel to test out is capabilities, trying new things is part of the hobby so give him a shout in our discord if you want to help out, for us a Blackpool node will be switched over as i think this could well be the future for meshtastic and its congestion issue - this is also a suggestion by meshtastic themselves officially.  And the other one was disable MQTT ( insert i told you so here )

Hopefully by the time i post again the RAK order will be in and i will be able to give you all an ETA! wonder if this will stop you all "sliding into my DM's"

Hopefully not :)


Thanks again for reading this, join our discord, like our YouTube and more importantly keep the mesh alive.


Goodnight Meshland, wherever you are.


CEO mpowered247 Ltd <------  waits for comment on other versions of CEO title..

AKA xraymark









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