More ups and downs, listening to a community.. more so.

More ups and downs, listening to a community.. more so.

So it was map launch week, time to find out if we are going to display those pesky MQQT nodes or not. The vote went in the favour of yes and on Friday night at 8pm we switched it on - after a ton of sleepless nights of testing.

Interestingly the stats show people turned it on in there profile and back off again less than 5 minuets later - see i knew it all along. Handy to have though right?

So Friday night just before 8pm we fired up our discord and streamed the whole thing, and it was fun! Thanks to everyone who joined we really enjoyed ourselves and hopefully you did too - we have since been asked to stream it to YouTube by a good few people too. A beer and a good chat is what community projects are all about, we appreciate your time honestly.

Waking up Saturday morning to messages of thanks and the fact we seemed to have convinced the community that we are real people and not a bunch of Data miners driving Bentleys felt kinda good. Not one negative comment  - apart from the one guy who said i spoke too much, lets ignore him for this blog.

Saturday amongst other IRL things i did try to get out on my home Yagi but the TX was awful RX is great. My nodes off to see "scotty" this week for a health check and in the mean time ive stolen my mums RAK ( hang on that sounds wrong ) what else you going to do on Mothers Day right? least im operational again at home. Took the t deck out with the hound too, note to self charge the battery next time..

Now onto Sunday.. a day of peace as its mothers day, or so i thought. Now they way i brought up was that you shouldn't say anything behind a keyboard that you wouldn't say to someones face, there really is a lesson there. My inbox was awash with plenty of abuse, not mainly from the live stream we did Friday night but from my posting of the vote on MQQT across social media. Guess its time for me to calm down on that part of my life, im sorry i got excited by this hobby and its community. Note to self, people can be VERY TOXIC. Now get back to country file and leave the rest of us alone ya melon.

Now i can talk about this as its public domain, So we have a meshtastic user who is unhappy with being connected via RF to an MQQT node that displaying his or her location. When we switched on the map this displayed said location and they were not happy... to be fair neither am i with my own location but still.

I was pleasant and professional in my reply and thought the best thing to do was to contact meshtastic themselves as the data we are displaying is straight from the Meshtastic server in the US.

Course i was wrong, thy data can be pumped out but its down to us as we are displaying it on our map. Lesson learned on that one. I have contacted the individual both on the meshtastic discourse and on Facebook asking them for some node info so we can ignore the node and not display it. To those who supported me on this thank you, we are living and learning here and doing it all for the community - sometimes its a tough gig. Next time i will listen to Andy Kirbys words of wisdom and not respond to toxic comments.

SHOULD YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR NODE REMOVED PLEASE CONTACT: neil @ jaguar computers .co. .uk  - with the subject NODE REMOVAL as per GDPR you will be removed in due course.

Right im done with that waste of time...

In other news the RAK Wireless stuff has landed with us and is entering the test phase this week - yeah i know Kilo i owe you one :)

Hopefully more stock lands week, hopefully.

In other news, we plan to get stoned by a bunch of HAM users.. We will be appearing at the NARSA - the radio rally for Hams at Blackpool Norbreck castle on the 21st April - Now this isn't selling anything, this is to educate people on meshtastic and show the map off. If your a meshtastic user come and see us! We will standing behind riot shields while the HAM guys take pot shots chanting  "its not real radio" and so on.

Might do another live stream on our discord Friday night, fancy taking the car up a hill somewhere and having some fun. Be nice to be away from politics i think.


Happy meshing folks, without your support this whole thing means nothing.

Here's our discord link once more.


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