Problems problems.

Problems problems.

Now the stock is coming, it really is. Chinese new year slowed things down for sure.

Thats been a small part of the problem, the bigger issue has been shopify our hosts. Now somehow i managed to lock myself out of the account, no way in. 39 emails later and after talking with online support and even contacting the CEO i have given up. One thing we know is customer service and this has been unreal. So what your looking at here is a new shop with a new shopify account. Hence why the dates are messed up on the blog pages. Any Kirby has been giving us a few shout outs about our all new meshtastic map! In 4 days we have over 500 users from all over the world. Its an outstanding achievement and some im super proud of our development team for achieving. 

Take a look at:

More updates to come.


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