Signed, sealed, delivered - Exclusive UK partners for RAKwireless

Signed, sealed, delivered - Exclusive UK partners for RAKwireless

So its taken a while since our meeting with RAKwireless but like us they were keen to make sure the exclusive UK partnership works for everyone. But as of ten minuets ago i signed the contract and for us this is the start of something exciting.

Who would have thought all those months ago when the official map got vandalised and we quickly threw up a community map we would be here now. Well its mainly thanks to our amazing community that this all happened. Tinkering with our own local meshtastic network, then a free map, then a store and now a fair sized discord community oh and dont forget our YouTube channel where im still learning to present better - its never going to be professional lets face it.

Well thank you all, its the passionate community that made all this happen and now we can sell, support and help build that passion with the best products iin the business.

Stock wise that order will hopefully get sorted this week, thats the order not the delivery.  If your desperate and cannot wait then please goto RAKwireless direct.

Best to be honest on delivery times at this stage, but when they do land in the UK with us we will be carrying volume.

Other brands will be available on special order we do have some V3's and Capsule Sensors in stock but the delivery times and order process hasn't been the best, and i don't like letting people down.


Live stream wise friday night at 8:30pm is still a go. Content wise im still wanting to strap a Capsule Sensor to the DJI Pro 4 for banter..  and if i get myself sorted itll be live on our YouTube Channel so don't forget to subscribe - @weareempoered247


Thanks again for being here, this truly is "growing the Mesh"


AKA xraymark


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