Stock landing in the UK NEXT WEEK!

Stock landing in the UK NEXT WEEK!

So if your following our tracking number with all that RAKwireless meshtastic hardware you'll see it lands with us next MONDAY! - if not read the last blog post and click the link to the FedEx tracking!

Don't forget it will be eight working days of testing and quality control before we start sending bits out mind..

Oh yes, did i mention that we are the only EXCLUSIVE RAKwireless partner for Meshtastic hardware in the UK? that means official support from RAK amongst other things..

And we are an actual trading company that can be found on companies house, not from someones basement.

Out of interest if anyone is actually interested in being a sub partner then give us a shout, we have the full authority to do this from our partners.

Thanks for all the pre-orders too, it means a lot that you trust us! saying that we do have a few hundred satisfied customers so you should trust us right?


If i can get away with it too i might even do something on Prime day... just because i can..


Mesh wise plenty of communications going on when i went down to Silverstone, correct configuration goes a long way you see - stop with those 7 hops you lot! oh and update your software, please.


As soon as we get this kit in our hands make sure you head over to our YouTube channel for reviews, tips and maybe some exclusive offers on our hardware.

Any maybe the odd giveaway.....?


Thanks for reading.


aka xraymark




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