Sure were pretty lazy but....

Sure were pretty lazy but....

we do have day jobs ( for now ) and families and stuff and they really are demanding... the wife more than the job obviously !

So still plenty going on in the background in the evenings and weekends. At the moment we are the official channel partner for RAKwireless as some of you may already know, but we want more. Yes im greedy but this is about bringing the best product to the UK and Europe at the best possible prices along with actual "real support"

If you watched the last live stream then you'll know we are still ironing out the details for our partner ship to become exclusive - that's not the same as the kids say on love island..  Today while conversing with the RAK team they addresses us as exclusive partners... that for me was a moment of reality, a pretty proud moment that was built not just by me and the founders but also by a great community - that's you durrr.  

In the coming week or so we should sign the contract with RAK to close that deal. That means RAK products from the UK - all the meshtastic parts - i may have to make one of the kids homeless to make room for components... ah well. Alongside all the meshtastic kit its our aim to offer all things RAK.. all. IOT LoRaWAN everything. - Yes im already planning a LoRa network to cover the whole of the Blackpool area - no idea on funding this yet, but hey.

To say we are happy to have exclusivity is an understatement. Its the dream to do this for a living for all of us, we told RAK's CEO this, he looked at me like i was drunk - if you can follow your passion in life and keep a roof over your head your winning. The plans we have working with RAKwireless are HUGE.

For transparency yes, predominantly we will be offering RAK after the next delivery has landed, its not a request from them but we feel this is the best products money can buy - and yes they do have a complete range either on the website or in design stages. Our failure rate from other suppliers is around the 7-8% mark and that's not sustainable or good for you as a customer.

Other stuff.

Well, Alan... the Angry Dev software guy, now Alan's people skills are like mine when im hungry. Yes hes a super talented software guy who loves to bring me problems. Yes its the map, Alan found and let us know of an issue that needed direct attention that brought risk to us.. him delivering that info to me was like a french nail bomb going off. I couldn't understand a technical word he said... then it goes boom. Nice to see people from our community share our passion though

 Good job Alan, im never giving you my mobile number.  Map wise the rebuild starts next week, weve tons of notes to go through form the community and Niels going to put one of his guys on it ( this is why were poor ) Design wise it'll be community focused and will be branded like the store, love that or hate is its part of the commercial package. The map helps the store and so on. All this keeps the map free forever like we said and helps promote the store that gets you value while purchasing meshtastic products. If Alan doesn't have an opinion on this ill eat bens hat.

Kits wise im chasing the Heltec v3's and the Capsules, this is painful to say the least and mainly why we want our own UK warehouse full of stock. When i have a tracking number ill put it on the store, Aside of that 25 bender cases are on the way to go with them alongside a ready to go node from Scott @3dchicken so you can buy a node package too...Alongside our own exclusive case designed by Alley Cat and printed by Scott @3dchicken. The "optimus" is somewhat of a transformer and if you watch our last YouTube video you'll see the easter egg.  I wonder if Alana will still work with me to do a RAK exclusive too.. that girl knows my MS paint skills now!!

It would help alot if you would all like the YouTube channel, it motivates me ( as im lazy see previous )  and helps us build the brand! that makes supply better, faster and cheaper for everyone - im been told i need to take marketing seriously - shut up ben.

Here's the YouTube link:

mpowered247 - YouTube Like and Subscribe AND DONT BE LAZY


Reminds me i must speak to my counsellor about my people skills too.

Live streams next Friday at 8:30pm - yes its going to be on that YouTube channel! and ill hopefully be showing the reveal of our new exclusive case and a bit of paper that says "exclusive partner of RAKwireless"

If not itll be live form the pub.

Happy meshing.


AKA xraymark.










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