The order process begins... SKINT.COM/ME

The order process begins... SKINT.COM/ME

So as of just now our potential first order is in with RAKwireless for all the Meshtastic stuff your all asking about.

To give you an idea on quantities we wanted to show ( after many months of having no stock ) that we were serious about our stock levels. Here's a quick rough TBC list of what we are looking at ordering.

Product                                              Quantity

Meshtastic Starter Kit RAK 4631 / RAK 19007 x125

Meshtastic t shirts large x10

Wizblock power supply UK PLUG x5

RAK1921 is a WisBlock OLED display based I2C SSD1306 x20

Outdoor fibreglass antenna 5.8db n type x 5

RAKbox B5 acrylic enclosure x20

RAK solar unify enclosure ip67 150x100x45 x5 <-----you'll see 4 as im having one!

RAK 1904 2 axis acceleration sensor x5

RAK Blade antenna 868mhz x50

RAK nRF52840 RAK 4630 SX 1262 module x5

RAK GNSS GPS u-blox ZOE-M8Q x25

RAK 2dbi fibreglass outdoor antenna 8698mhz x5

We wanted to show a good bunch of meshtastic starter kits but then also the extra modules and antenna's people have been asking for, looking back at all the DM's i have had this should cover everything... he says. But remember this is only the first order of many. From a budget perspective we are spending the lot... Neil and Ben are well impressed with my lack of accounting skills.

We are going to give this a month on our store and then also sell on Amazon. Now while your thinking the same as us that everyone charges a fortune on there we wont. Will it be more expensive than the store yes, that's because Amazon has to take a cut and that's not a small one. But as we promised the community will come first here so the store is the main source of all this if your taking the time to read this.

Oh and another thing, just to clarify, we are the exclusive UK partners for meshtastic RAKwireless parts and not the whole IoT range, that comes in year two when weve finished all the training on IoT and LoRa....  j/k

What else, well im off to sunny Scotland on Friday for a weekend away, as Doctor Ian and his crew are testing out Medium Fast ive re-programmed the Rook Tactical node to this channel... Keep an eye out for it- XMRT

I will also be taking the RAK Solar node that lives in the Tesla XMTN - on Long Fast and also XMLN on a pole that's going with my static mobile setup used on live streams... its filtered too for extra freshness, also on Long Fast.

So plenty of meshing going on at 268 meters ASL that ill put on YouTube so keep an eye on that.


Thanks again to our amazing community, who we couldn't have done with without and of course our new partner RAKwireless.


Happy Meshing!


AKA xraymark.


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