This is really killing time now...

This is really killing time now...

So yes, i will be honest im killing time here, like you im waiting for this big RAKwireless delivery.


So rather than a blog heres a quick list of things i have done to our website while im waiting.


1/ You can now use PayPal for a means of payment - You did ask for this!

2/ New Page on the website for customer testimonials - Thanks Dan! - where are the rest of you at? - do i have to give something away to motivate you?

3/ You can now comment on Blog posts ( this is going to be a mistake right ) - Keep it clean please.

4/ New Page that links directly to our  FREE community map

5/ Updated the whole template on the website to the newer version ( yes i did make a mess of it and restored my backup 4 times before getting it right ) - apparently the page should load faster now and be clearer on mobile devices.


Doesnt sound like a lot does it?.... took a while trust me.



The links to the "copy cat" UK RAKwireless dealer on the MeshtasticUK Facebook site have been taken down, yes i did have a moan stating this could be a scam and that we had exclusivity on RAK meshtastic equipment in the UK. Fair play to the admin he made me prove it before taking action, thanks Chris.


Off to Silverstone tomorrow till Saturday PM - yes im taking my RAK solar node in the car XMTN.  It struck me on the way home that the tracking number might land while im away and i wont be able to update the website?! So yes as meshtastic is life im heading down there via the office to grab my laptop so if that number lands the pre orders can start!

Hopefully the wife wont kill me for this, if thats happens the stocks all yours for reading this.



aka xraymark



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