This is what you've been asking for - apart from free stuff.

This is what you've been asking for - apart from free stuff.

So the mesh moves on..

This week ive updated the Rak solar node in the car and i have to say the difference to my mobile setup is nothing less of a miracle.. not only can i see people but i can speak to them too... Well done the meshtastic team - and no that's not sarcasm.

Our YouTube channel continues to grow too, nearly a hundred subscribers watching my sheer incompetence as i review meshtastic kit - badly, very badly.

A few people have asked that when we do our next live stream we do it on YouTube instead of with our discord community.... ill put the links below for both of these. Speaking of our next live event ( next Friday at 8:30pm ) its out intention to take a pole mounted Mcgill, a "super node" and head up Winter Hill for some mesh range testing -  while live streaming...As long as A/ the car doesn't blow up and B/ the weather kills the data signal again it should be pretty interesting.

True to our word when ben comes back next week and spots the first share of our YouTube channel that person will receive all the demo meshtastic cases i was sent to review... all of them... bar that 3DChicken R2 that i cannot seem to part with - head over to our channel @wearempowered247 for more info.

Here's the interesting bit from the online store point of view...

Orders wise the last of the Heltecs are finishing testing this week, so dispatch isn't far away.. as for the requests for "factory fresh ones" without testing sure we can do that, just sign this disclaimer - As Andy Kirby said on his last video we test everything and yes that delays things, when you've done as many as we have you understand that a 7% fail rate is not something i want to share with our customers...  that's across all brands.

The new Heltec order is on the way too, and to mix it up a bit we have ordered some Heltec capsules as per your request.

Rak wise this is going to be a BIG order, the usual meshtastic starter kits but a whole bunch of sensors and screens and the like - We are the UK Channel partner for RAK Wireless after all - and Ken the CEO might have mentioned some merch too, for all you geeks out there - that includes me.

We do listen to our customers you know?

So in the background people have been asking for node kits ( and pre built ones ) This is something we always planned to do so yes its the plan in progress to have cases from 3D Chicken, LayerFab and Zerofox3d that you can buy alongside your chosen node... and antennas and so on.  Building is in progress so bear with.


Special thanks to our team

As per usual our Discord community grows, so again i should say a huge thank you to the mods and the tech guys for all their help in keeping the mpowered247 discord channel happy and useful - no bans have happened yet even though Alan has broken the swear filter a few times.

Here's the links to our Discord Community and our YouTube.

mpowered247 - YouTube

Or just search


Till the next time, may your mesh go with you ( apparently i need to have sign off lines )


AKA xraymark


oh and Andy, i did check some of the grammar this time, ill wait for the DM again brother :)









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