Well how was my last blog entry received by the community...

Well how was my last blog entry received by the community...

Well pretty good actually I think people were glad of the honesty, because after all i have been totally honest here, had plenty of messages re the map and how good it was and the upcoming store - we are grateful honestly.

Andy's video tonight mentioned the map and less than four hours we got 68 new users across 6 countries... that includes the 20! countries we are covering already.

Neil may well have another heart attack, especially when i tell him whats next to add to the map, our wish list is huge and we need to sift through literally hundreds of requests sensibly..

The picture you see was done by one of the guys on the Meshtastic UK Facebook page Greg, Thanks it means a lot and kinda makes us feel like the free map was the right thing to do for everyone.

Stock wise we are still waiting on that boat from china, but after speaking to finance ( the wife ) we are going to increase our order even more.

In the mean time i continue to grow the mesh here in Blackpool, we have around 9 nodes now spanning the area... progress at last.  

Myself, Neil, Ben and Andy Kirby are shocked at how good the community has been to us and are eternally grateful.

Lets keep meshing and growing that map - incidentally we just hit 800 USERS!

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