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WisMesh Pocket From RAKwireless **Coming Soon**

WisMesh Pocket From RAKwireless **Coming Soon**

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Product Description

The WisMesh Pocket is the perfect start to explore and use the Meshtastic LoRa Mesh Network. Pre-flashed with the Meshtastic firmware, with matching enclosure, OLED display, GNSS location module and acceleration sensor it is the perfect for the Meshtastic Client or Tracker role.

With the Meshtastic Getting Started Guide the WisMesh Pocket is ready for use within a short time.

The included enclosure features an SMA antenna connector, integrated OLED display and a user button to control the display content.


  • RAK4631 WisBlock Core module, pre-flashed with the Meshtastic firmware
  • RAK19007 WisBlock Base Board with 4 sensor slots and 1 IO slot
  • RAK1921 OLED display
  • RAK12500 GNSS location module
  • RAK1904 acceleration sensor
  • RAK12028-C1 module for easy connection of the user button and OLED display
  • 3D printed enclosure with SMA antenna connector and user button
  • Enclosure dimension: 103*52*35mm
  • LoRa antenna
    • 915 & 868 MHz LoRa antenna length 49mm ∅ 8mm
    • 433MHz LoRa antenna length 109mm ∅ 10mm
  • Internal BLE antenna


  • Mesh Pocket V1.0 x 1
  • 3200mAh Rechargeable Battery x 1
  • LoRa Antenna x 1
  • USB cable x 1
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